Passenger Lines

In the 21st Century, Blackrod is again an unremarkable halt on a junction-less stretch of the Bolton to Preston railway. That's how things were when Blackrod first opened as part of the gradual progress of the line from Bolton to Euxton Junction.

When the line to Horwich opened, Blackrod became a busy junction station, which in the fifties, handled over 70 trains a day.

The Hilton House branch had its junction on the Bolton & Preston line just south of Blackrod station, with Hilton House Station being right on the Blackrod border across from the former Georgian House hotel on the A6.

Also covered isf the North Union line from Adlington (White Bear) to Boars Head in Standish. This line skirted the north of Blackrod and survived the Beeching axe, only to be closed in the 1970s.

Industrial Lines

Blackrod, being on the edge of the Wigan Coalfield, had a number of mineral railways within its borders. Details of these and the Cooke & Nuttall Vale Paper Mill branch can be found in the Industry section of this website.