Here are a selection of links to some excellent websites which provide additional and relevant information...

The Horwich Station website

Produced by Ian Fitter, this site is the natural companion to this, providing lots of detail on the station at the other end of the branch. Highly recommended!

Blackrod and Horwich Envirnmental Action Group

Two communities – one cause. A voluntary organisation devoted to fighting for the interests of Blackrod and Horwich residents. Current issues include a number of potential housing developments and wind turbines in the Douglas Valley.

The Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Society

Highly recommended for all fans of "The Lanky". Membership of the society includes some excellent publications including "Platform", "Magazine" and "Branchline".

Going Off the Rails

"inane ramblings and occasional insight into Blackrod Station"
a "blog" by Philip Morgan, who chronicles the experiences and frustrations of being a Blackrod to Manchester commuter.

British Railways in 1960 

Brian Robertson's excellent site based on the BR Sectional Appendix. It contains a wealth of information about the rail network as it stood in 1960, detailing stations, signal boxes, distances and line speeds.

Friends of Old Station Park, Horwich


Constance Bronte

A quite bizarre, but amusing account of the life of a "little-known" (i.e. fictitious) Bronte sister" I wish I had this much imagination! This is one of several accounts of the "missing" sisters, and includes references to Horwich Loco Works...

Preston Station - Past & Present .

I now live in Preston, and have produced an extensive website covering the station there and associated lines, in the same way as I have for Blackrod on this site.

Lostock Hall MPD

The latest in my ever-expanding list of railway related websites will hopefully grow into a comprehensive record of this former L&Y shed, which was one of the last three steam sheds in the country, surviving to the bitter end in 1968.

Line Clear

A website dedicated to signal boxes around the North West

Woodlesford - The Story of a Station

Proving that websites dedicated to stations aren’t restricted to the “right” side of the Pennines ....!
Howard Benson’s website does an excellent job of presenting the history of this former Midland Railway station in West Yorkshire.

Forgotten Relics of an Enterprising Age

A wonderful website which documents a huge number of abandoned and forgotten structures from our industrial past. Railway tunnels and viaducts feature strongly. There's lots here to while away the hours. Well-written and informative and pleasing on the eye.